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Music Production and Publishing Websites Use KUSANAGI to Drastically Improve Site Speed

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Demo My Song, LLC

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Demo My Song, LLC
Demo My Song

Before Service

The site was loading slowly due to a large amount of images, which in turn lead to a high abandonment rate.
Measures needed to be taken in order to prevent losing customers.

After Implementing Service

Website access was greatly improved, including access on mobile devices, which had previously been
troublesome. Adding SSL also brought confidence in the siteʼs security.

Music Production and Publishing Websites
Use KUSANAGI to Drastically Improve Site Speed

Demo My Song® Producer
Trystan Matthews

DemoMySong.com and its partner site, 5050songs.com, offer unique music production and publishing services to musicians and songwriters, helping them create a fully produced recording, market it and sell it. Both websites recently implemented KUSANAGI for GCP to improve speed and loading time, which are crucial for building and maintaining a loyal customer following. Both sites have seen a drastic decrease in loading times, even on a mobile phone with limited service.

Finding The Hidden Gems, The Potential Hits

Matthews works with all stages of music
creation, from production to recording.

Trystan Matthews started Demo My Song® in 2004, after graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The original concept was to produce low cost demo recordings for customers who wanted to take their song from the beginning stages to a finished product.
Now, songwriters all over the world who have material, be it a demo, a lyric or part of a song, get paired with a producer best suited for the genre of the song. The producer collaborates with the customer to bring the unfinished idea to completion, handling every aspect of production including hiring all of the musicians and singers. The music can be distributed on over ninety music websites, such as: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more. For Matthews, the most exciting aspect of the business is "finding the hidden gems, the potential hits"that just need the help of seasoned professionals, and bringing them to life.

Maximizing Efficacy with Limited Resources

After running Demo My Song for ten years as a production company, Matthews set up 5050songs.com to expand beyond production into publishing, promotion and licensing. As the movie and music industry have been decentralized with the advent of the web and streaming services, there is an increasing demand for new music. 5050songs® has partners who work with movie and TV production companies that are constantly looking for licensable songs. Matthews has been accumulating a large volume of music from artists, over two hundred per year, into the 5050songs® catalog, which then gain exposure through commercial licensing.

Switching to WordPress for Greater Functionality and Mobile Compatibility

Since the website itself is the front door to his business, Matthews knew from the beginning that speed and reliability were of utmost importance. After building the initial Demo My Song® website in 2002, he hired a well-known developer to help improve his HTML site. Everything was fine, he notes, “until the minute people started accessing the web on mobile phones.” The solution came after he attended a seminar on the future of media, and got turned on to WordPress. Matthews had been trying to decide which direction to go in order to develop his business further, and it seemed that it would cost $20k to find a developer to make his dreams a reality. But within a few years, WordPress had all of the functionality that he needed.

Dealing with WordPress’ Speed Issues

Unfortunately, WordPress brought on its own host of issues the direst of which was speed. "We had done every single thing we knew how to do in order to optimize the site, given the tools that we had"s ays Matthews, including uploading lower quality images, caching, keeping the amount of plugins to a minimum. “We would do a site speed test … a good range would be 70-80percent, and we would be in the 47 percent range.”By the time the came across Prime Strategy, they were at wits end, and considering downgrading their WordPress theme.

Implementing KUSANAGI to Drastically Improve Speed

After implementing KUSANAGI for GCP, Demo My Song® and 5050songs® saw a drastic increase in site speed. Matthews tested it on the subway, with only one bar of cellular service, and noted that he was able to access the entire website very quickly. “This is a first for us,” he notes. “It’s almost like you can feel the stress wash away as you use it.” These days, there are many people who access the internet primarily on their phone, and if they have to wait up to thirty seconds just for the homepage to load, and another ten seconds to wait for the first link, a certain percentage of them will just give up. KUSANAGI makes visiting the website a stress less experience for both the developer and the enduser. Matthews expects that this increased speed will have an immediate effect on the bounce rate, leading to more repeat traffic, and helping with customer retention.

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