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KUSANAGI Business Edition

KUSANAGI for AWS Business Edition (WordPress)

In addition to high performance and advanced security, KUSANAGI for AWS Business Edition (WordPress) also provides a multitude of solutions necessary for running open source-based web systems at an enterprise level.

With the Business Edition’s performance guarantee for WordPress 5.x versions, CentOS7 module updates until EOL, and other features, open source systems can continue to be used with confidence.


KUSANAGI is an ultrafast WordPress execution environment. It processes commands in 3 milliseconds and can handle 1000 user requests per second.


  • Speed-tuning WordPress with KUSANAGI
  • Module updates via KUSANAGI
  • Middleware updates via KUSANAGI
  • Packaged with KUSANAGI-specific plugins
  • WordPress visual provisioning on first KUSANAGI launch
  • Performance guarantee for the newest WordPress 5.x versions
  • Updates to modules via repository until CentOS7 EOL
  • Compatible with the newest AWS instance types
  • WordPress, concrete5, Drupal7, Drupal8 provisioning via commands
  • Provision Ruby on Rails environment via commands
  • Database-switch feature (MariaDB/PostgreSQL)
  • Japanese search feature (mroonga)
  • WAF (nginx:NAXSI Apache:ModSecurity)
  • WordPress WAF (included with KUSANAGI) signature updates
  • IDS (tripwire)
  • IDS/IPS (suricata)
  • Vulnerability scanning tool (vuls)
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • SELinux compatibility
  • monit
  • General questions about using WordPress or KUSANAGI can be made through the WordPress dashboard

KUSANAGI Business Edition Initial Setting:

  1. Access to https://[IPv4 Public IP]/setup.php
    *It’ll show self-signed SSL Certification, please adding exception.
  2. Choose time zone, language. Type your domain name.
  3. Reboot your instance. Provisioning takes between 5 to 10 minutes later.
  4. Access at https://[your FQDN]/

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