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Seminar “WordPress Development Techniques for Careers”


On Saturday, September 19th, 2015, we held the seminar “WordPress Development Techniques for Careers”, aimed at current and prospective programmers. As soon as the seminar opened, it reached full capacity. Thank you to everyone who attended.


At this seminar, we discussed our WordPress business strategy, techniques for plugin development, and held a hand-on session for KUSANAGI. Also, the chairman of the Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP, Mr. Yoshimasa, explained how to make documents and proposals to advance your career.

Presentation contents

“Prime Strategy’s Strategy, and the Future of WordPress Business”
Presenter: Kengyu Nakamura, president of Prime Strategy

“Development Techniques for WordPress Plugins”
Presenter: Hitoshi Omagari, executive CTO at Prime Strategy

“Hands-on Session for Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI”
Presenter: Kazuma Fukami, back-end engineer at Prime Strategy

“How to Advance Your Career Using Real-Life Examples”
Presenter: Tadashi Yoshimasa, chairman of Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP

“Recruitment Information for Prime Strategy”
Presenter: human resources
Please see here for recruitment information.

Afterwards, we held an afterparty to talk with attendees freely. mgn’s CEO Mr. Ogushi also attended and we had a lightning talk as well as a rock-scissors-paper contest with KUSANAGI’s mascot, Saya Kusanagi.


WordPress × KUSANAGI 課題解決事例100選 プレゼント!

Webサイト運用の課題を解決した企業、官公庁・各種団体、学校など100を超えるお客様に直接お話をお伺いし一冊にまとめたのが『WordPress × KUSANAGI 課題解決事例100選』(非売品)です。こちらを無料でプレゼントいたします。是非お申し込みください。

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