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KUSANAGI official support service

WordPress will run faster by tuning it. However, tuning requires a certain level of knowledge, it is difficult to say that anyone can do it. This situation can be changed by using the “Super fast WordPress virtual machine KUSANAGI” provided by our company.

In addition to WordPress, KUSANAGI is packaged with software necessary for constructing and operating CMS, such as OS (basic software), database (DB) software and web server software. It is a WordPress virtual machine which we have a tuned. You can use KUSANAGI with our “KUSANAGI full managed service” put together by us, Prime Strategy Co., Ltd., or use it in a major public cloud.

◎ The power of KUSANAGI

KUSANAGIs speed in WordPress execution time is 3 milliseconds, 1,000 requests per second and is in world-class the fastest. It can realize a speedup from 10 times to 15 times with page cache unused. It is also excellent in redundancy, even in sudden access concentration, high speed and stability will not be lost. We can minimize server down time and realize a secure site environment free from opportunity loss.

In addition from speeding up, KUSANAGI will also affect the WordPress management screen. We believe that a lot of people are experiencing work stress from poor performance in the submission screen when processing high amounts of content. In the management screen where the page cache can not be used, KUSANAGI demonstrates its power and realizes a performance smooth environment.

◎ Usefulness in SEO

In view of the fact that Google Inc. said that page display speed affects SEO (search ranking), it is drawing attention from companies focusing on SEO. In addition, KUSANAGI which can realize speed improvements even in mobile environments, is also attracting attention from companies that are centered on mobile development.

Increasing the page display speed leads to an improvement in UX (User Experience). Some companies have reported that using “KUSANAGI” have increased page views by 50% or more due to improved processing performance.

We have an abundance of achievementss in speed improvement and problem solving using KUSANAGI.

If you are interested in improving the page display speed and working environment, by all means please contact our company “Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.”.


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