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Introducing WordPress for the first time

WordPress boasts an overwhelming market share of 58.9% within the world’s CMSs, because of its high development productivity, superior management interface, web standard source code and so on. The trend for “paid CMS for enterprises” has changed drastically, and many corporate and government agencies are switching to WordPress which has excellent versatility and extensibility regardless of the type of site.

The advantages on the enterprise side, unlike ‘paid CMS’ which tends to be unconventional and not well documented, is the ease of acquiring WordPress engineers and the abundance of related documentation such as textbooks etc. On the other hand, concerns may arise in terms of security and support.

◎Misconception about WordPress security

The majority of WordPress security incidents could have been avoided by just updating. Although the importance of updating does not only apply to WordPress, but is also the iron rule common to all IT systems. There are achievementss where unfortunately companies have become the victim of an attack as a result of neglecting to update. In other words, WordPress’ s security incidents is usually a result of inappropriate operation by poor judgment rather than a WordPress problem.

◎Prime strategy ensures safety of WordPress

We will make sure that starting from the construction stage of the website, that the theme and plug-ins are all compatible with PHP 7, HHVM and PHP 5. Since we will build the site on the premise of regular updates from the beginning, issues related to updates will almost never occur. These tasks are carried out in collaboration with HASH Consulting Co., Ltd., an expert in web application security, so we are building the most solid structure in the country in terms of security.

We can also help to just update the environment, even if it is a WordPress environment developed by another company. Supposing any issue accompanying the update should occur, we will respond with adjustments until it operates just as before updating.

◎About support

If you feel uneasy about support from OSP (open source software) WordPress, please be assured. We offer a variety of technical support and troubleshooting support plans, such as our WordPress support plan, KUSANAGI support plan, KUSANAGI managed plan etc.

The WordPress support plan and the KUSANAGI support plan are plans for companies that have WordPress installed in the company-managed public cloud, private cloud or in a on-premises environment. We mainly provide WordPress operation technical support and server operation technology support.
(※ With other possible options)

KUSANAGI Managed Plan is a hosting and support plan in which we cover both the WordPress site and operation management of server. This is a popular plan that allows you to concentrate on website content creation. We offer support by phone with 24 hours / 365 days correspondence.

As you can see, we have many plans to offer, in order to make your site operation on WordPress more reliable and safe. Please consult our company “Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.” when considering environment development with WordPress.

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