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    Cloud integration service (fully managed)


    “We want to entrust as much as possible of the operation management of the server and concentrate on updating, using and marketing the website”

    The “KUSANAGI managed plan” was born from customers with needs such as the ones above.
    This is a managed type cloud integration service where we manage operation of WordPress sites and servers including KUSANAGI’s cloud hosting.

    By using “KUSANAGI Managed Plan”, we can help improve or solve the following points:

    1. Speed ​​/ load
    2. Security
    3. Site operation
    4. Site development
    5. Support
    1. About speed and load

    With the “KUSANAGI Managed Plan”, you can use our ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine “KUSANAGI”.
    “KUSANAGI” is a WordPress virtual machine offered by our company, it can reach speeds of 3 milliseconds in WordPress execution time, 1000 requests per second and is the world-class fastest (speed increases by 10 to 15 times) even with page cache unused. It is also excellent in redundancy, and even during sudden high site access, stable operation is maintained. Since Google’s announcement that page display speed is the evaluation criteria for SEO, you can expect positive SEO results.

    In addition, it can speed up the “sluggish management screen” which can not usually be improved by just changing the server specifications.

    1. About security

    In KUSANAGI managed service, we will use always-on SSL. Furthermore, many companies misinterpret that it is safe to apply SSL only to some pages, such as “forms”, where personal information flows, which is one factor that have slowed down the introduction, but many companies in Europe and the US have been actively promoting always-on SSL. Google has also here announced that sites with always-on SSL is a SEO evaluation criteria which results in positive SEO results.

    With our “KUSANAGI Managed Plan” we will help support you to ensure a smooth transition to always-on SSL.

    Furthermore, we will perform “updates” on request, which is indispensable for website security. If trouble occurs during the version update, we will quickly respond and adjust it until it is in the same state as before updating.

    1. About operation of the site

    “We want to use the cloud but want help from professionals”, “We want to regularly back up, but I are not able to do it”, We will support you with any troubles you may have with the operation of the website. Website administrators are freed from site operations and can devote themselves to content creation.

    1. About developing a website

    New function development, referring to creating custom-made plug-ins. We will implement your requests in WordPress with the security guaranteed and we will draw on your needs.

    1. About support

    Our main feature is that everything is done within our company. When the production company and the operation are separate, and an issue occurs, it is impossible to identify the cause immediately. There is often achievementss where neither party know the cause and the issue is sent back and forth with no solution.

    Since “KUSANAGI Managed Service” is performed by one company from server to WordPress, such a situation does not occur. Support by telephone, optional 24/7 support can be provided.

    If you are interested in “KUSANAGI Managed Service” which increases efficiency of site creation and leads to cost reduction, by all means please contact us “Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.”.

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