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Migration from other cms to wordpress

The dissatisfaction with the current web system varies. If it is an old CMS, there might be no technician who understands the system, management screen might be difficult to use, performance is bad (including the management screen), Have trouble dealing with new technology, etc.
In particular, We think that there are companies who feel uneasy about future prospects, as “Charged CMSs” is falling in share.

In addition we believe that certain companies feel that,  they need with help with the operation methods, feel there are too  many achievementss where the production company requires a fee for each renewal update or do not simply know what CMS is for. These problems we can help resolve with “WordPress” and our “WordPress website development service”.

WordPress boasts an overwhelming market share of 58.9% within the world’s CMSs, because of its high development productivity, superior management interface, web standard source code and so on. In addition, WordPress with its many users, makes it easier to acquire knowledgeable technicians compared to other CMSs, and there is an abundance of related books on the topic. Plus, many people can understand the operation relatively smoothly.

We will secure enterprise level security and fulfilling support for WordPress, for its convenience and excellent security penetration rate.

When it comes to security, all plug-ins and theme templates will be put through security checks, operation verification, and performance tests. Also, since development is carried out after careful consideration of compatibility with PHP 7, HHVM, and PHP 5 at the development stage, the operation trouble accompanying the update can be drastically reduced. From the fact that the majority of WordPress security incidents can be prevented from updating alone, building a strong environment for updating can be said to be a highly useful security measure for secure site operation.

Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (our company) is conducting the security checks in collaboration with HASH Consulting Co., Ltd., an expert of Web applications. Together we are realizing higher security.

Regarding support for incidents, we have an extensive menu of services, such as contact desk by telephone, server and application maintenance, primary malfunction support, live server monitoring, backup and restoration.

Those who are unsure about the operation methods can see the mockup by the in-browser design at the proposition phase and proceed with the meeting while evaluating it.

Since we have plenty of experience in data migration, even if you are using an old CMS, a minor CMS, or if you are unsure about data migration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, Prime strategy co., Ltd.

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