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WordPress site multiple device support

Due to the recent trend of mobile users, the importance of mobile correspondence on the Web site is increasing yearly. In November 2016, Google Inc. announced the introduction of “Mobile First Index”, the significance of mobile devices from SEO’s perspective may further increase in the future.

All Websites built by us are compatible with one source for multiple devices.

One-source / multi-device compatibility is a technology that switches display contents from one page data depending on the device being used. By using this method, an updater can complete both pages of PC and mobile by preparing one page.

No special knowledge is necessary. With exactly the same feeling as a blog it has the same text content, with slightly specified images, we can complete both PC and mobile pages at the same time.

If you are interested in improved work efficiency when handling mobile devices and SEO measures, by all means please contact us “Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.”.

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