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With our three world-class services,  “WordPress” “KUSANAGI” “KUSANAGI Ready”, we realize enterprise level web sites with short delivery time, high quality and low cost.

◎ About WordPress

“WordPress” is the world’s most used CMS software. High development productivity, source code conscious of Web standards, management interface that is excellent in design and usability. It is characterized by increased use in enterprise applications such as corporate CMS sites and owned media. As a leading company of WordPress, we have more than 500 companies in listed companies and public institutions, we will build sites with extensive experience and achievementss.


“KUSANAGI” is an ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine developed by Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. It can reach speeds of 3 milliseconds in WordPress execution time, 1000 requests per second and is the world-class fastest. It achieves a speedup from 10 times to 15 times even with page cache unused.

KUSANAGI is also excellent in redundancy, even during sudden high access, speed and stability will not be lost. We can minimize server down time and realize a secure site environment free from opportunity loss. With our site construction we will implement “KUSANAGI” and build a faster and more robust environment.

◎ About KUSANAGI Ready

“KUSANAGI Ready” conducts compatibility with PHP 7, HHVM, PHP 5 PHP processing systems, security checks, operation verification, performance tests, mainly on major plug-in themes often used in the enterprise domain, it is a project to publish a list of plugins and themes which clears a certain standard. For our site construction, we will use the themes and templates from that list.

It develops based on the themes and plug-ins which passed the standard, it has the effect of reducing delivery time and cost, compared with developing from scratch. In regards to security measures, we will collaborate with HASH Consulting Co., Ltd., an expert in Web application security. Even in terms of security we will ensure a secure environment.

In this way, we are realizing the three above-mentioned world-class services by achieving enterprise level websites with short delivery time, high quality and low cost.

If you are interested, please contact us, “Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.”.

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