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WordPress site security measures

Always-on SSL is the basis of secure site operation. OS · middleware · theme · plugin · updates of WordPress (major / minor), introduction of WAF, vulnerability diagnosis and WordPress source code review, You entrust it all to us.

Regarding always-on SSL, despite being a very effective defense against intrusion and tampering, it has not yet been fully introduced in Japan. Furthermore, many people misinterpret that it is safe to apply SSL only to some pages, such as “forms”, where personal information flows, which is one factor that slowed down the introduction.

A lot of the actual damage caused by hackers are from intrusions in parts other than forms. Especially from threats such as “Firesheep” and “SSL Strip”, there is little meaning in just applying SSL on forms alone, and in Europe and the United States which recognized the danger from an early stage, have been actively promoting always-on SSL.

Also, in Google Chrome, it became clear that it was not safe for sites to not use SSL, which lead to the announcement that for SEO, SSL compliant sites are given preferential treatment in ranking. We believe that the flow of introducing the global always-on SSL to sites will drastically increase in the future.

◎ About the always-on SSL service

By using HTTP / 2 for our always-on SSL, we will realize a secure environment without sacrificing speed. Our company has high technical strength and experience, minimizing the disadvantages at the time of introduction. For example, when going over from “http: //” to “https: //”, a decrease in traffic associated with URL change, SNS evaluation issues such as “Likes” resetting to 0, it can all be handled with almost no issues by applying the appropriate tuning, such as redirects. SNS evaluations such as “Likes” will recover rapidly.

◎ About updates

We also offer abundance of solutions for updates. For example, version upgrades, even in WordPress sites produced by other companies, customized WordPress sites (including customization of core part as well as themes, templates). If trouble occurs during version upgrade, we will quickly respond and adjust it until it is in the same state as before updating.

In addition, WAF introduction, vulnerability diagnosis, WordPress source code review, we can handle it all.

In order to provide an even stronger security measure service, Hiroshi Tokumaru who is the authority of cyber security industry from HASH Consulting Co., Ltd. of the eGuardian Group will be actively advising us, so we can work towards durable security.

Before information leakage, image deterioration due to tampering or loss of trust from customers occur, by all means please consult us, “Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.”.

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