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    WordPress site version update

    For secure site operation, updates are essential. This has been proved from the fact that many security incidents could have been avoided by updating. However, a common occurrence, is the fear of potential issues occurring after updating leading to continued use of old versions.

    Operation without updating, that is, leaving the vulnerability unattended, may cause a very serious security incident. Information leakage, data tampering and serious administrative risks are greatly increased. It is in short, very serious. Furthermore, in the laws and regulations, even if the company side is the victim, if the security measures are not sufficiently executed, it may become the responsibility of the company.

    Security measures is not a goal, it is a necessity. Before suffering any serious damage, it is necessary to take correct security measures.

    ◎ About the update service

    With our update service we take your company’s circumstances for not being able to update in consideration, and update it in the proper way. The environment does not matter. Not only in the standard WordPress environment but also in other companies’ WordPress environments and customized WordPress core environments. Even when trouble accompanying the update occurs, we will respond with adjustments until it operates just as before updating.

    This work ensures that if it is an environment that does not have a staging server, or even if there is a staging server (like the production environment), we will carry out the work while ensuring high safety and promptly rewind to the previous snapshot as soon as trouble occurs.

    If you Desire to update from a very old generation or want to make a one-shot update (update only once), we will respond either way, with an abundance of knowledge and achievementss.

    When you need help with upgrading, by all means please contact us “Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.” .

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