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    WordPress site construction

    Constructing an enterprise-level high-quality environment mainly for public institutions, centering on leading companies and other listed companies. Since its foundation, we have over 500 records of solved business problems as the leading WordPress company.

    We will propose a site that makes the most of WordPress’ strengths, from system design that speeds up, reduce costs, easy to update and have SEO / social correspondence.

    We can build any type of site such as corporate sites, media sites, multi-sites (multiple site operation), member management sites or intra sites.

    ◎ Corporate site

    We will build a site that makes full use of WordPress’ s strengths, including SEO · social support, system design to simplified updates.

    Compared to the times when news updates and inquiry forms were central, requests for corporate website with IR information, completion of new graduate recruitment content etc. has changed with the times.

    Following that trend, we can construct an environment that satisfies all the demands of the modern corporate website, such as improved content addition, approval functions, permission settings for each user and site renovation that has a blog feel to it.

    As well as using the site as an in-house contact tool, it is also possible to allow an outsourced sales representative to see the content from the outside, and show non-public content to clients.

    ◎ Media site

    Large amount of images, responding to an overwhelming fast page display that does not fluctuate even with a lot of articles, responding to instantaneous access increase, an optimized management screen that helps updating a large number of articles, a highly scalable system design, etc. Media sites covers all the demands. Moreover, support after operation start is also substantial, and trouble after operation is also safe.

    Because of the nature of the media site, a list of multiple articles, thumbnail images are used in large quantities. As a result, slowdowns occurs on page load, which is a cause of user withdrawal. Also, the server may not stand up to instantaneous access increase, and the system may stop in some achievementss.

    Many companies choose cost-effective methods such as server augmentation and autoscale, but this problem can be solved with the ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine “KUSANAGI” offered free of charge by our company .

    “KUSANAGI” is a WordPress virtual machine offered by our company, it can reach speeds of 3 milliseconds in WordPress execution time, 1000 requests per second and is the world-class fastest. It is excellent in speed and redundancy and it as already been adopted by many corporate and public agencies.

    By implementing “KUSANAGI” it solves the speed problem (1/6 of the previous load time), PV in each session doubled, bounce rate decreased by 11% in some achievementss. Moreover, “KUSANAGI” demonstrates strong power even against access concentration, so costly operations due to a complex server environment is unnecessary.

    Also, as a characteristic requirement of the media site, there are functions such as authorization settings and approval functions for external writers, but we have a wealth of experience with this function which is not implemented by standard WordPress.

    Mynavi Woman boasting 10 million PV per month, Asukin (Wit, Co., Ltd.), etc., as well as construction, we have an abundant operation record. You can make a highly satisfactory proposal by fully utilizing WordPress from various angles, such as know-how to nurture the media site itself.

    In addition, we are also able to develop functions such as data linkage to other media, member management, billing management, advertisement management, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

    ◎ Centralized management of multiple sites (large and multiple site management)

    We also have a track record in unified management of “multi-site (multiple site operation with one WordPress)” by WordPress. Please leave the large-scale load countermeasure and content migration from existing systems to us.

    Multi-sites are few in numbers, and there is a tendency for accumulation of know-how of building and troubleshooting. However, we can respond since we have a wealth of development experience. We are a familiar with various system development using WordPress, such as translating “Web application development by WordPress” published by O’Reilly Japan.

    As an example of a multi-site construction using WordPress, the TV Asahi Blog (TV Asahi Corporation) is constructed in a child blog system using a multi-site installation of WordPress.

    Whenever programming is needed in a large amount for “Blogs of different designs”, we prepare child blogs where the theme is a child theme system, by giving the parent theme the basic functions necessary for blogging and editing the design in the child theme, thus we have created an environment in which we can prepare blogs in a short time and in large quantities.

    Satisfaction level is high for enterprises who wish to manage large multi-sites, with flexibility and practicality,

    ◎ Intra site construction

    WordPress also demonstrates its power to build intra-sites on closed networks.

    In building Bridgestone-like intra sites, we created a private site that can only be viewed from inside the company.

    Thanks to fine-grained display customization, consideration was given to usability of viewing and management. In addition, we can respond appropriately to access control for intra sites, which can switch display by IP address, create content that only specific users can view, and so on.

    ◎ Member Management Site Development

    We will build a member management site by WordPress. In addition to membership registration, my page, membership information management and other functions will be implemented in line with your requests.

    In this way, we will propose solutions to problems with an abundance of results. Please contact our Prime strategy office first. We offer highly satisfactory solutions.

    Solution to solve customer problems,
    We will provide you with some benefits that meets your requirements.

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