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    WordPress Site Support

    We support stable site operation from diagnosis of current site to operation and maintenance support after WordPress introduction.

    • Existing WordPress conservation and maintenance
      Some production companies undertake in production but can not do the maintenance, companies that refuse maintenance are not few either. The reason is that if a problem occurs in a site constructed with open source such as WordPress or a plugin, even if there is a cause other than the theme template file produced by the company, it is difficult to correct, it is even possible that the cause can not be pursued in the first place.
      WordPress has already reached 58.9% of (According to W3 Techs, 2017.4) sites using CMSs worldwide, and it is overwhelmingly becoming the world standard CMS engine. For that reason, security updates are done quickly, but it is difficult to deal with even if a problem occurs in the company production theme template due to updating, even though it is company’s own production, it is sometimes neglected maintenance.
      Prime Strategy allows conservation and maintenance even on sites that use theme templates produced by other companies. Also, when we construct a site, we basically build it with specifications that will not prevent WordPress from updating , such as creating theme templates corresponding to WordPress updates, selecting plugins where updates are frequently done, so that operations can continue undisturbed.
    • Operation of media sites
      Operation on media sites requires even more attention. Even though there are several ways to operate media sites, it is mainly operated by employees or writers that submit new content daily and create articles that are meant to be widely read. For such a site to operate properly, the following maintenance is necessary.

    Easy to update articles
    Edit permission for external writers etc.
    Automated processing for publication dates / diffusion dates of articles
    Ad management
    Constant analysis and improvement
    No server down time

    Especially 5. It is important to constantly analyze and improve, detailed analysis of how users move at the site, what they look at and why they withdraw. Keeping improvements constant, such as conducting AB tests, is as important as continuing to update content.
    And 6. It is important not to let the server drop, the more popular the media is the more you will fight to balance the traffic and site stability. Smooth viewing of pages is the most important point for increasing PV and not missing out on users.

    • Plus maintenance for full managed service!
      Ultra high-speed WordPress virtual machine “KUSANAGI” is the best for highly accessed media sites, the KUSANAGI fully managed service does not only operate on the environment such as hardware and middleware, but also fixes theme and plugin source code, SQL optimum implementation thorough tuning, including reorganization of database structures. continuous performance improvement measures and maintenance operation are all offered in one package.
      Since we support everything from the server to WordPress at once, it is possible to investigate and find out whether the bottleneck which degrades the performance exists on the server or in the application. It also improves the performance of WordPress sites by remedying it.
      Due to the improved performance, there are instances where the number of PV has increased by 50% or more, the page display speed improves, WordPress migration performance improves. In addition, by increasing the speed of the management screen, you can concentrate on just content creation, while we prepare the best environment for operating your media site.

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