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GoAzure 2015 Hands-on Seminar

On Friday, January 1st, 2015, we held a hands-on seminar with the Microsoft Azure user Community Japan Azure User Group (JAZUG) at GoAzure 2015, held in Bellesalle Shibuya. The hands-on featured speeding up WordPress using the latest cloud service, Microsoft Azure. Many passionate engineers attended and it was a very successful event.

Generally speaking, running a website with CMS means that the more contents your post and the more page views you received, the slower the display speed will be, and the more issues will occur, such as server downtime. No matter how amazing your contents are, if the site is slow or doesn’t load at all, you can lose a lot of users. This seminar discussed ways to prevent these issues, from the stance of “tuning to make the site more stable, and increase usability”, which is a topic that WordPress site managers, server engineers, and developers should all be aware of.

Takeda Masaki, Microsoft Japan’s technical evangelist, made an appearance. Speakers from Prime Strategy were our president Mr. Nakamura and our account planner, Mr. Fuji, and they spoke with the knowledge garnered from the real-life tuning and acceleration of numerous WordPress sites. They discussed the construction of large media sites using WordPress with 100 million page views a month: from server planning to operation to management with fully managed services that guarantee a certain level of performance.

Since this seminar was such a success, we will have another one in Tokyo on February 16th, and then tour the country with stops at Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. Using Microsoft Azure, we will present the free hands-on seminar “Experience High Speed WordPress Now!” Anyone who attends these seminars will be eligible for a special three-year free subscription to Microsoft Azure.  Don’t miss this amazing collaboration between Microsoft Azure and Prime Strategy.

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