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WordPress Textbook Ver.4.x & WordPress: A Detailed Explanation Release Party


With the help of SB Creative and O’Reilly Japan, we held a release party for our publications WordPress Textbook Ver.4.x and WordPress: A Detailed Explanation on April 24th, 2015.

Attendees were:
People who wanted to advance their skills by studying WordPress
People who had only just heard of WordPress
People who wanted to ask questions of professional in the front line
People who wanted to learn how to create sites with WordPress

Thank you to everyone who attended this wonderful event.
And, due to it being a full house, we decided to stream the event on Ustream and Nico Nico.
Thank you also to those who watched.

We often hear the concerns of creators who don’t know where to start with WordPress. At this event, the authors of the books discussed solutions and how to go about studying WordPress. Whether you are a designer or work on infrastructure, the knowledge learned at this event can help you solve problems and find the quickest solutions.

We also set up a special sales booth, that not only offered the newest version of our WordPress Textbook series, WordPress Textbook Ver.4.x, which has sold over 40,000 copies, but also WordPress: A Detailed Explanation, which would go on sale the next day. Many people were happy to be able to buy the book before it was available anywhere else.



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WordPress × KUSANAGI 課題解決事例100選 プレゼント!

Webサイト運用の課題を解決した企業、官公庁・各種団体、学校など100を超えるお客様に直接お話をお伺いし一冊にまとめたのが『WordPress × KUSANAGI 課題解決事例100選』(非売品)です。こちらを無料でプレゼントいたします。是非お申し込みください。

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