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Hands-On Seminar “Make an Ultrafast WordPress Site on IBM SoftLayer”

From September 2nd to December 15th, 2016, we held the hands-on seminar “Make an Ultrafast WordPress Site on IBM SoftLayer” 7 times in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Over 200 people attended to a very successful tour.

Thank you to everyone who attended and collaborated with us.


Seminar overview

Attendees used their own PCs to create a site using our ultrafast WordPress execution environment KUSANAGI on IBM SoftLayer. After hearing various sessions about speeding up WordPress, and an explanation about SoftLayer from IBM, we compared KUSANAGI to a normal LAMP environment. Even though it was a very technical hands-on using servers and SSH, most of our attendees were able to finish regardless of their skill level. It was a successful seminar from which we received a lot of praise.

Due to overwhelming demand, we will also be holding this seminar in Fukuoka in February 2016.

Attendee opinions

  • “Everyone explaining did it in such a fun way. Their speed was just right too.”
  • “It was a very good seminar. The most understandable of the ones I’ve attended.”
  • “I’m glad it was so easy to understand.”
  • “I attended due to a personal interest. I learned so much. Thank you.”
  • “It was my first time using KUSANAGI. I was shocked at the difference in speed.”
Events 9/2 (Tokyo), 10/9 (Tokyo), 10/26 (Nagoya), 11/5 (Tokyo), 11/26 (Osaka), 12/3 (Tokyo), 12/15 (Tokyo)
Sponsor IBM Japan
Cooperation Prime Strategy
Support Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP

WordPress × KUSANAGI 課題解決事例100選 プレゼント!

Webサイト運用の課題を解決した企業、官公庁・各種団体、学校など100を超えるお客様に直接お話をお伺いし一冊にまとめたのが『WordPress × KUSANAGI 課題解決事例100選』(非売品)です。こちらを無料でプレゼントいたします。是非お申し込みください。

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