Solutions for Hosting Service

We provide intellectual capital such as the acceleration and automation technologies and brands that comprise the KUSANAGI Stack* as licenses to rental server, CDN, SaaS, and other platform providers.

*Ultra-fast CMS platform ”KUSANAGI” ,Web Acceleration engine “WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®”, Strategic AI “David”

We also provide paid versions of KUSANAGI, “Business Edition” and “Premium Edition,” from clouds such as Azure, AWS, and GCP.




Xserver Inc.

Through a technical alliance with Xserver Inc., a major hosting company, KUSANAGI’s acceleration technology has been introduced in the following hosting services of Xserver Inc..

ホスティング大手のエックスサーバー社と技術提携(only available in Japanese)

WEXAL® and David

WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®

GMO Internet Group, Inc. 

WEXAL® Page Speed Technology® has been adopted by GMO Internet Group Inc. for its ConoHa WING by GMO and rental servers.

Future Development

Licenses are being offered for domestic and international rental servers, CDNs, SaaS, etc. Currently, we have begun accepting applications for the license in the U.S.

Licensing KUSANAGI Stack for Shared Hosting Server Providers Overseas Major Push into the North American Market

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