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About Prime Strategy

Cloud integrator based in Tokyo, New York, and Singapore.

We are a cloud integrator who resolves issues with cloud computing both domestically in Japan and globally starting with Asia. Based in Tokyo, New York, and Singapore, we offer the world cloud integration services. Our main expertise is in cloud platform system integration and managed services.

SI (system integration) services

SI offers customers system integration services on cloud platforms. We are particularly skilled with WordPress, which boasts a 60% share in content management service software used in 25% of the world’s websites. We also focus on open-source products such as Linux, PHP, and MySQL. As a cloud integrator, we expertly handle cloud native applications and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

MSP (management service provider) services

MSP offers customers an application management service with the guarantee of performance, security, reliability, availability, and redundancy of your configured system. It uses PaaS, cloud native applications, or virtual machines on the cloud platform. Also, since we offer global services with bases in various locations, multilingual support is available to optimize and speed up communications.

Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI

With cloud computing and WordPress enterprises expanding rapidly, there has been an increasing demand for more speed, reliability, stability, and security in those operating environments.


We have developed an open source and free ultrafast WordPress virtual machine: KUSANAGI. With a framework consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, it increases speeds 10-15x that of standard machines even without page caching. We offer this Linux-based WordPress execution environment as a virtual machine image on major public cloud platforms both domestic and international.

As of April, 2016, KUSANAGI is available on Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), NTT Cloudn, IDCF Cloud, Sakura Internet Cloud, Z.com, ConoHa, S-Port, and ALTUS.

* For details on KUSANAGI please visit

KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service

KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service(WordPress and server operation support, WordPress managed hosting)

KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service is a system management service for WordPress sites that offers whole-package support. It manages everything from your server, OS, and middleware to WordPress customization, themes, and plugins. And it guarantees performance to gain a fixed average amount of page views that sets it apart from other managed services.

* For details on KUSANAGI Fully Managed Service please visit https://kusanagi-hosting.com/

KUSANAGI Ready Project

One of our missions is to remove the gap between the practices of vendors and the expectations of users. We believe we have achieved part of this with the development and free availability of KUSANAGI, built with open source, that offers consistent performance and quality. But since March 2016, we have broadened our scope, and obtained a certain level of compliance with WordPress plugins and themes as announced in the KUSANAGI Ready Project. This means that we examine and verify the compatibility of all versions of PHP and the support of various languages, as well as perform security checks and performance tests.

* For details on KUSANAGI Ready Project please visit https://www.prime-strategy.co.jp/wp/information/release_kusanagi-ready/

In order to fulfill our goal of connecting vendors and users, we hope that KUSANAGI and KUSANAGI Ready Project will be assets in servicing our businesses, our community, and our users, and the industry of cloud integration itself.

Our Strengths

  • We’ve published a WordPress basics book with world leader O’Reilly

    Our publication, WordPress: a Detailed Explanation, contains structured explanations about the theories and principles of creating with WordPress. It was published by O’Reilly, the world leader in global technical books. And we have translated WordPress Web App Development, also published by O’Reilly.

  • We have the most-read WordPress instruction manual in Japan

    book_20150221Our book WordPress Textbook, published in 2012, has received favorable reviews both from those just learning WordPress to professional web developers. It won the CPU first prize in publications for the 2012 fiscal year, a prize that is chosen by computer publications representatives throughout Japan. WordPress Textbook 2: for Smartphone Sites, published in 2013, reached #1 in Amazon’s overall ranking. An updated version of the textbook released in February 2015, WordPress Textbook for Ver.4.x is now on sale.

  • An abundance of web construction and development achievementss

    Since our establishment we have supported the web systems of over 400 companies, enterprises, and public organizations. We oversee web systems construction and development, as well as server construction, maintenance, and performance tuning.
    * For a look at some of our works

  • Countless presentations, demonstrations, and community achievementss

    We frequently participate and present at large scale events in both Japan and overseas. We also hold hands-on demonstrations together with cloud platform companies as a means of spreading the latest in technical know-how to our community.


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