Resolve issues related to CMS operations


We want everyone involved in CMS operations, including web developers, information system departments, and web production companies, to concentrate on their primary tasks.
That is our desire.

Three technological strengths that support Prime Strategy’s services

KUSANAGI developer’s technical capabilities

KUSANAGI, an ultra high-speed CMS execution environment with a cumulative total of over 65,000 units in operation (*), WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®, a speed-up engine consisting of internationally applied technologies under the provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and ONIMARU® David, a strategic AI (KUSANAGI Stack). The technical capabilities to develop these web acceleration solutions support our services.

Leading WordPress company

Since we understand the “principles” of WordPress, such as writing several books related to WordPress, we can smoothly perform migration of websites without specifications, operation and maintenance, migration from other CMS to WordPress, and so on. We can also support other CMS than WordPress because of our understanding of the “principles” of WordPress.

Hyper-automation supporting services

We are working on advanced automation and hyper-automation using AI, etc. We have developed “KUSANAGI Cloud,” which realizes hyper-automation cultivated through the development of KUSANAGI Stack, and automates environment construction, migration, fault detection and maintenance, etc.

For everyone involved in CMS operations

Information system departments who want to achieve Web governance

Integrated management of disparate websites across groups and departments to achieve web governance in a fast and secure environment

Media operators who want to reduce opportunity loss due to access concentration

Reduced opportunity loss due to display delays and failures during access concentration by operating media on the fast and stable “KUSANAGI”.

Webmaster who wants to ensure security and protect corporate image

Concentrate on your core business, such as website updates and management, without worrying about ensuring ongoing security, which is very important for corporate websites.

Marketers looking to improve PV and conversion rates

Google’s advocacy of website optimization and UX improvement to increase PV and conversions

University webmaster who wants to transmit information stably even in times of heavy access such as acceptance announcements and disasters.

Realize stable operation and continuous information dissemination during times of heavy access, which is an important role for websites of a public nature, such as those of universities.

Web production companies that want to focus on production and marketing

Increase customer value by letting us take care of server and application updates and focus on core production and marketing.

Extensive track record

We support many customers’ businesses by solving their web operation issues through speed, security, and UX improvements.

increase in speed
cost reduction
Achieved a 10-fold increase in speed and a 20% reduction in operating costs. Also established a quick maintenance system.
~Sanrio Company, Ltd.
High load measures
operational dereliction
New environment withstands 17,000 cases/minute. Full maintenance system for speedy problem solving.
~National University Corporation – Kanazawa University
Support System
At KUSANAGIEnhanced governance and WordPress security
~日本事務器株式会社 様

Prime Strategy Services

Take operations off your hands in a fast, secure environment

KUSANAGI Managed Services

Integrated system for website maintenance and management from applications to middleware and servers

Achieving Web Governance

CMS Platform Integration Services

Integrate an ever-increasing number of CMS operation platforms for fast and secure operation under common operation rules

Achieve higher PV and conversion rates

WEXAL® Mobile Display Acceleration Service

Achieve high business continuity

Hyper Automation Implementation Services

Cloud Integration Services

  • Initial setup of KUSANAGI and migration to KUSANAGI
  • Performance Tuning
  • Deployment of security tools such as WAF, intrusion detection, anti-virus, etc.
  • Migration from various CMS to WordPress
  • Migration to Always On SSL
  • WordPress (website) construction and modification

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.