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One-stop solution for WordPress maintenance and management,
from server to application.

Our fully managed services include setup, migration, maintenance and management of high-speed, high-security servers, application updates, development of new features, and more.

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KUSANAGI reaches cumulative 30,000 cloud deployments over 4 years.

Primary strategy’s Main Construction Record – Maintenance Operation Record

Yomiuri Shimbun, Resona Bank, Sega Holdings, The University of Tokyo, Bridgestone, TV Asahi, NYK Line MTI, Mitsui Sumitomo Corporation, Kakaku.com, Mercedes-Benz, and more.

Everyone’s leading companies are adopting to Prime Strategy WordPress service, CMS site/system construction service, and maintenance operation service.

More than 130 public cases, WordPress site for corporate above 500 achievements, boasts the number of top class performers in Japan.

Our clients since 2002

Adobe, Alamo Rent A Car, British Council, PT. Bank Negara Indonesia, SEGA Holdings, International Christian University

※Prime strategy is a Microsoft ISV partner and CSP partner and has been certified as Gold Cloud Platform.
→ Prime Strategy’s Partnership with Microsoft Japan

Service Overview

Construction of CMS Site for Corporate

Web site/Web system construction is one big project in the company.
That’s why I want to make it happen. But, “I definitely didn’t want to fail” …

Construction of CMS Site for Corporate

With plenty of achievements and reliable techical strength,
we’ll make your “wish” come true.

  • Site and system construction by major CMS including WordPress
  • New construction and development of media site, user management site, intra site
  • Update existing site and function modification


15 years Website Construction after its foundation with more than 500 record.
We offer solutions to solve your problems with “certain technical capabilities” with many experiences, and benefits that are consistent with budget and priority.

Server/Maintenance Services

I want to make stable operation with sufficient specifications, less expenses, and no worries. But, I don’t really understand server, so I leave it to you …

Server/Maintenance Services

Even our time need to focus ASAP,
safe and stable operation environment
always guaranteed.

  • Introduction of cloud service, KUSANAGI, and system design
  • Performance tuning, OS, and middleware update
  • Server monitoring, 24/7 contact desk


We provide server construction/maintenance operation services for enterprise use. KUSANAGI As a developer, we are committed to high-speed environment and security, we offer proposals for stable operation that is beneficial to customers with necessary and sufficient service selection.

Ultrafast CMS Execution environment KUSANAGI
Official Support Service
(Managed Service)

Maintain CMS site such as WordPress and manage operation of your server

Site display is slow, and sometimes fail to access…
I need a convenient Website

Stable number of PV in high speed environment!
Stable number of PV
in high speed environment!

  • Performance tuning
  • 24/7 contact desk, fast response
  • Server monitoring, operation, maintenance, and others.

Comfortable in the world’s
best class execution environment!

KUSANAGI virtual machine, WordPress execution time 3 milliseconds, 1,000 requests per second and the world’s fastest environment class. Even when sudden access concentration is concentrated, operation speed is not lost, server down is kept to a minimum, operation in a site environment not related to loss of opportunity is realized.

Information leak due to unauthorized access…
I need a secure Website

Host in secure environment and reliable operation!
Host in secure environment
and reliable operation!

  • Always SSL
  • OS, middleware,
    WordPress regular update
  • Introductio, operation of WAF, and others.

Necessary enough
and security measures are safe!

KUSANAGI One of the strengths of our company which develops is familiar with OS, middleware, WordPress. You can use precise, necessary and sufficient security measures service. In addition, Mr. Hiroshi Tokumaru, an authority of the cyber security industry, is appointed as an advisor and we are striving to further secure security.

Server management is hard and inconvenience…
Take care all complicated things

Let us take care of it as we focus on build Website!
Let us take care of it
as we focus on build Website!

  • 24-hour 365-day manned contact desk service
  • Migrate to cloud + KUSANAGI
  • Server monitoring/operation maintenance, WordPress site maintenance, and others.

All left is ready to do!
Plase consult to us!

Prime Strategy has established 24-hour, 365-day contact desk service (primary correspondence window by telephone) in Tokyo, Singapore, in Japanese, English and Indonesian. We are maintaining and managing your website with thorough attitude.

Service Lineup

Integration Service

We will offer you solutions that solve your issues, benefits that are consistent with your budget and priority.

  • Performance tuning
  • Introduction of cloud service
  • OS, Middleware Update
  • Always migrate to SSL
  • Introduction and operation of WAF
  • Geographical optimization by CDN
  • Server technical support
  • System design

…many others.

Full Managed Service
by KUSANAGI Developer

Born from customer’s voice that, I want to focus on Web site update, utilization, Web marketing.

  • 24 hours, 365 days contact desk service corresponding to Japanese/English/Indonesian (primary response window by telephone)
  • Migrate to cloud + KUSANAGI
  • KUSANAGI, server, WordPress operation technical support
  • Server monitoring, operation, and maintenance
  • 24 hours 365 days failure primary response
  • Backup/Restore

…many others.

Integration Services

With solid technical power and knowledge based on abundant WordPress achievements, we realize our customers’ need!

  • Building a new WordPress site
  • Renewal of existing site
  • Performance tuning
  • Media and user management site development
  • Intrasite development
  • Geographical optimization by CDN
  • Development of new plug-in
  • Theme / Plugin refurbishment

…many others.

Introduction of Main Case

Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo HQ

It realizes tolerance of access of 30 million PV per month.
Reduce remote site recovery to 1 hour, reduce operating costs by 50%.

WordPress / KUSANAGI achievements:Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo HQ

We decided to comprehensively judge technology performance, achievement of enterprise WordPress, maintenance system, price etc, and entrust it to prime strategy.

Resona Bank

Realize launch of fast media media for display, search and security. Achieve PV goal and membership goal

WordPress / KUSANAGI achievements:Resona Bank

“There is also a sense of security that you can correspond anytime, no matter what. And it is faster than other similar information sites.”

Sega Holdings

With the introduction of KUSANAGI, we reduced the number of servers from seven to three and realized significant cost savings. Enhanced security

WordPress / KUSANAGI achievements:Sega Holdings

There was only a prime strategy for companies looking at servers and contents in terms of operation and maintenance.

NYK Line Group MTI

Full Web site management and quick support system, speeding up and enhancing security without substantial change in monthly cost.

WordPress / KUSANAGI achievements:NYK Line Group MTI

The prime strategy has the impression that you can respond quickly and become kind.

International Christian University

High security and high speed are realized, to a secure environment with a sound update. Also for smart devices for students.

WordPress / KUSANAGI achievements:International Christian University

We decided to comprehensively judge technology performance, achievement of enterprise WordPress, maintenance system, price etc, and entrust it to prime strategy.

Mercedes Benz Japan

After operation “KUSANAGI”, the system is stable, the vigorous information dissemination after the renewal realizes 3.5 times improvement in PV number.

WordPress / KUSANAGI achievements:Mercedes Benz Japan

By adopting the prime strategy “KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure” as a platform, the number of PVs has increased 3.5 times and continues to operate steadily.

Solution to solve customer problems,
We will provide you with some benefits that meets your requirements.

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