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brief personal record

Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1979.

After graduating from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Shimane University, he joined the current Tokyo Financial Exchange, Inc. and was assigned to the Systems Department. After that, he established his own company to develop applications for the web and smartphones, and supported the ITization of the region.

In April 2022, he became a director of Prime Strategy Co., Ltd., and in June 2023, he became president and representative director, where he remains today.

Prime Strategy Co.,Ltd.
President Naoki Watanabe


Since our founding in 2002, we at Prime Strategy have been providing services related to operating systems such as Linux, middleware such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP, and OSS with a focus on applications such as WordPress.

In recent years, OSS has become widely used in the enterprise domain due to its cost advantages, developability, and vendor-independent liquidity.
With the advent of an era in which cloud services can be used easily, safely, and securely around the world, the use of OSS on cloud platforms is becoming increasingly valuable.

On the other hand, for OSS and cloud services to be used in the enterprise domain, it is necessary to establish a sufficient support system and an ecosystem of all the people involved.

Prime Strategy has been providing the ultra-fast CMS execution environment “KUSANAGI” as an open source license to more than 10 major cloud platforms around the world free of charge since July 2015, based on the knowledge of OSS utilization cultivated over the years. We will continue to do our best for the development of the enterprise OSS ecosystem centered on “KUSANAGI”.
This is one of the embodiments of our mission to “bridge the gap between user expectations and vendor reality in the IT industry.

All for the development of the enterprise OSS ecosystem.

We will continue to work with our customers, partners, and stakeholders around the world to develop the enterprise OSS ecosystem.

President Prime Strategy Co.,Ltd.

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