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KUSANAGI is the first solution from a Japanese company to be made available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Image Catalog


KUSANAGI is the first solution from a Japanese company to be made available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Image Catalog

KUSANAGI can now be deployed directly to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (CEO: Kengyu Nakamura; headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; below, “Prime Strategy”) is the first Japanese company to offer an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution through the Partner Image Catalog in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. KUSANAGI for Oracle Cloud can now be deployed directly to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store that markets business applications and professional services offered by Oracle Cloud partners. It has recently been embedded in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, allowing users to deploy solutions from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace in just a few clicks, and deploy turn-key applications and images via the Partner Image Catalog.

Working closely with Oracle Japan, Prime Strategy visited Oracle in the U.S. and cooperated directly with Oracle Marketplace engineers, resulting in KUSANAGI for Oracle Cloud becoming the first solution to be registered by a Japanese company.

KUSANAGI for Oracle Cloud is equipped with the powerful security and high performance necessary for business-level solutions, and in combination with Prime Strategy’s Official KUSANAGI support service, it provides users in many areas of business assurance in running their web systems and sites.

Prime Strategy plans to expand the use of KUSANAGI for Oracle Cloud in the market as a key solution for building better enterprise systems. As an Oracle Japan silver partner, Prime Strategy will work with other Oracle Partners in pursuit of the advancement of enterprise systems.

About Oracle Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an enterprise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. Companies of all sizes rely on Oracle Cloud to run enterprise and cloud native applications with mission-critical performance and core-to-edge security. By running both traditional and new workloads on a comprehensive cloud that includes compute, storage, networking, database, and containers, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can dramatically increase operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. For more information, visit https://cloud.oracle.com/ja_JP/iaas.

Comment from Oracle Japan Innovation Alliance Senior Director Takahito Kawashima

Oracle Japan is very pleased to welcome the ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine KUSANAGI as the first solution from a Japanese company to be made available via the Partner Image Catalog on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. With KUSANAGI for Oracle Cloud, Oracle Cloud customers can quickly and easily start using a fast, secure, and high performance WordPress environment. We will continue to cooperate with Prime Strategy, providing high value-added solutions and contributing to the transformation of our customers’ businesses.

About the ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine KUSANAGI

KUSANAGI (*2) is the free, open source virtual machine image developed by Prime Strategy that runs WordPress at industry-leading speeds. With a quad-core (4vCPU) virtual machine, WordPress execution time is brought to under 4 milliseconds, and can handle over 1,000 requests per second, even without page caching. With page caching, and a 4vCPU, KUSANAGI can handle over 60,000 page requests per second.

*2 For more information about KUSANAGI, click the link below:

About Prime Strategy Group

Prime Strategy Group is a cloud integrator based in Japan and across Asia, helping global companies solve their cloud computing issues. With loacation in Tokyo, New York, Singapore and Jakarta, we provide cloud integrations services around the world. Our three main business areas are cloud-based MSP, CI and SI.

We have built and provided maintenance/management for web systems and large-scale WordPress sites of industry leading companies and educational institutions in Japan and abroad, including but not limited to: The Yomiuri Shimbun, Nomura Shoken, Resona Bank, The Japan Times, Bridgestone, Sega Holdings, Family Market, Kokugakuin University, International Christian University. (Abbreviated)

The ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine KUSANAGI was created using virtual machine server-building techniques that we have been developing since 2006. In addition to offering KUSANAGI free of charge on major public cloud services both inside and outside on Japan, we also offer the paid KUSANAGI Official Support Service (*3), where we provide all-inclusive maintenance, management and speed tuning services for customers’ websites.

*3 For more information or to inquire about the KUSANAGI Official Support Service, click the link below:

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Otemachi 1st Square Bldg. East Tower 18F, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan 100-0004
Phone: 03-6551-2995 / Fax: 03-6551-2941

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