Provides “Inspector,” an AI-based web page verification function

TOKYO – July 31, 2023– Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Prime Strategy”))announces the launch of a new feature of WEXAL® Page Speed Technology® (“WEXAL”), the “Inspector,” which enables AI to compare and verify web pages before and after WEXAL is applied.


“WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®” is an “acceleration engine” for web systems. It improves Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insight scores and enhances UX (user experience). Optimization of resources not only speeds up display but also reduces the amount of data transferred.

The strategy AI “David” generates “web acceleration strategies” for WEXAL in real time. It automates advanced display acceleration tuning, which was previously performed by engineers, and significantly reduces operational costs related to acceleration.

For more information about WEXAL, please visit the official WEXAL website.

Management Screen「PST Manager」

The “PST Manager” is a management screen for WEXAL. Users can easily control WEXAL and configure optimization settings on the management screen.

The “PST Manager” can also configure KUSANAGI functions such as creating new profiles, setting and renewing SSL certificates, and controlling caching.

Provide more advanced strategies

The structure of a website varies from page to page, and the content of pages changes daily as a result of updates and other factors.It is very important for the user to verify that there are no broken displays or script errors.

In addition, the AI itself must be able to verify optimization results in order to respond to Google’s new evaluation criteria and provide more sophisticated strategies.

Therefore, we decided to develop an “inspector” to verify the integrity of web pages before and after WEXAL application.

About “Inspector”

Users can utilize the highly customizable “Expert Mode*” and “Inspector” together to provide highly optimized web pages with confidence.

*Users can customize the strategies devised by AI David using the expert mode. This allows for the adaptation of advanced strategies.

Example of verification with “inspector”

This is an example of detecting a resource that needs to be optimized again because it has not been optimized or has been updated after optimization.

It can also detect errors that were potentially present on the original site.

This is an example of detecting an external resource that does not have access permissions and may be affecting the display. Make the appropriate corrections on the appropriate page.

This is an example of a broken link image detected. Re-upload the image or take other action.

More details on how to use “Inspector” :

We will continue to develop our AI-based products to grow as highly unique products, such as automatic repair functionality and advanced strategies using AI.

About Prime Strategy

Prime Strategy, Co., Ltd. is a software developer providing web acceleration solutions. We have locations in Tokyo and New York.

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