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Prime Strategy’s Partnership with Microsoft Japan

マイクロソフト「Gold クラウド コンピテンシー パートナー(Gold Cloud Platform)」認定

Prime Strategy is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Partner (Gold Cloud Platform)

Below is an outline of the the longstanding collaboration between Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (below, Microsoft Japan) and Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (below, Prime Strategy).

Microsoft Japan has been providing us with valuable support, to enable customers to use KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure to the fullest extent of its capabilities.

Collaboration Outline

Prime Strategy offers KUSANAGI, our ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine, on Microsoft’s cloud service Microsoft Azure as the image “KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure”. In addition to collaborating on technology development, our comprehensive partnership with Microsoft extends into business and marketing. Together, we are always striving to increase customer value.

Brief History

seminar_with_microsoftPrime Strategy has been holding joint seminars with Microsoft since 2010, as an ISV Partner (Independent Software Vendor) and CSP (Cloud Solution Provider).

In 2015, we chose Microsoft Azure as the cloud platform for KUSANAGI for its many merits: Azure has multiple data centers in various locations around the world, a high worldwide market share (90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use the Microsoft Cloud), robust security measures and has powerful automation features. Prime Strategy launched KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure in July, 2015.

Since then, Prime Strategy and Microsoft have continued to offer services together, and hold joint seminars. In February 2018, Prime Strategy was chosen as a Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Partner (Gold Cloud Platform) for its achievements in the expansion of Microsoft Azure.

Future Developments

In February 2016, Microsoft Japan received the first Cloud Security Gold Mark for Azure and Office 365 — a first for a Japanese company. As a result, demand for KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure has risen among large companies and large-scale websites. Deployments have increased steadily, and it is now used by over 200 businesses and organizations. One recent example of a large-scale deployment of KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure is the Yumiuri Shimbun’s (national newspaper in Japan) medical, health and nursing information site yomiDr.

In the future, we plan to expand the services we provide on Azure, including integrating Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with KUSANAGI, and using Microsoft Flow to connect various web applications.


Words of Recommendation

Katsura Ito, Executive Officer, Developer Evangelism Director, Microsoft Japan

“Microsoft Japan is very pleased to welcome the ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine from Prime Strategy, KUSANAGI’s compatibility with Microsoft Azure. The fact that KUSANAGI increases WordPress’ capabilities, making it run on larger-scale systems, coincides with the Azure market, and therefore we believe we can continue to build an even stronger partnership with Prime Strategy in the future.” (Excerpt from “Announcing the World-Class Speed WordPress Environment KUSANAGI”)


Yusuke Jinnai, Microsoft Japan Developer Evangelism, ISV Business Development Headquarters, Business Partner Development Director

“We are very grateful that a world-class medical information site is using Microsoft Azure. Users are satisfied because of the flexibility of multiple data-centers, which makes continuous operation possible even during a natural disaster.” (Except from Case Study “Yumiuri Shimbun’s Medical, Health, Nursing Information Site yomiDr.”)


About KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure

KUSANAGI_logoMicrosoft Cloud Platform — Prime Strategy Case Study(Japanese)

KUSANAGI Official Site — “KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure” (Click here for info on how to deploy)

KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure Cases Studies

Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo HeadquartersYomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters

Sega HoldingsSega Holdings

Nippon Yusen MTINippon Yusen MTI

Mercedes Benz JapanMercedes Benz Japan

International Christian UniversityInternational Christian University

Kokugakuin UniversityKokugakuin University

Tokyo University of TechnologyTokyo University of Technology

Press on the Web (partial list)


Ultra-fast WordPress Execution Environment Now Available as Azure Virtual Machine Image: Working with Microsoft To Support High-Functioning Websites (6/30/2017)(Japanese)

Prime Strategy, Ultra-fast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI Deployment Support Solution for Independent Administration, Universities (2/8/2017)(Japanese)

Microsoft TechNet “MS Partner Solution Catalog”

Ultra-fast WordPress Virtual Machine “KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure” (12/29/2015)(Japanese)


『本格ビジネスサイトを作りながら学ぶ WordPressの教科書2 [スマートフォン対応サイト編]』“Learn WordPress While Building a Real Business Website 2” (Smartphone Support Edition) Japanese Edition
Prime Strategy / Published by SB Creative

This book explains how to build an enterprise-ready WordPress site on Windows Azure (Microsoft Azure)

Joint Undertakings

2/15/2018 Seminar on WordPress security and full-text searching

9/22/2017 Prime Strategy booth at Microsoft Azure “Meet Azure Solution” Convention

7/18/2017 Microsoft (USA) publishes nine customer stories about KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure

6/20/2017 Held lecture at Microsoft Japan Shinagawa Headquarters on “Security developments in Microsoft Azure and provisions for each variety of WordPress essential for business”

3/27/2017 Prime Strategy’s CEO Nakamura speaks at Microsoft Azure Enterprise Days (Day 2)

2/7/2017 Deploying KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure in independent administrations and universities

5/30/2016 Free hands-on KUSANAGI seminar for independent web engineers and start-ups

5/16/2016 Launched new deployment campaign for KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure

2/16/2016 GoAzure 2015 Hands-on Seminar

1/11/2016 Free seminar for SI, web development companies only, on running WordPress on Azure, speed-tuning

7/6/2015 Launched KUSANAGI for Microsoft Azure

2/17/2015 “Let’s experience WordPress speed-tuning!” Free hands-on national tour (Tokyo convention)

2/16/2015 Hands-on WordPress speed tuning seminar at GoAzure 2015

1/15/2015 “Let’s experience WordPress speed-tuning!” Free hands-on seminar in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Fukuoka, Okinawa Conventions with Microsoft Azure

1/7/2015 Joint event with Microsoft and Microsoft Azure user community “Japan Azure User Group (JAZUG)” — hands-on WordPress speed-tuning seminar at the community event GoAzure 2015 using Azure

5/12/2014 “WordPress Manual x Windows Azure free seminar” in Tokyo, Osaka

3/31/2014 Additional seminar by popular demand “WordPress Manual x Windows Azure free seminar” in April in Tokyo and Osaka

3/20/2014 Held Microsoft Office Tour

2/26/2014 “WordPress Manual x Windows Azure free seminar” held by Prime Strategy in March, to commemorate the opening of Microsoft Japan’s Windows Azure data center in Japan

12/12/2013 WordPress lecture published on Microsoft Virtual Academy

8/21/2013 Prime Strategy’s CEO Nakamura speaks at Windows Azure’s Data Center and Japan Windows Azure User Group’s three-year commemoration


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