TOKYO – June 27, 2023– Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Prime Strategy”) is pleased to announce that its Ultra-fast CMS platform “KUSANAGI” now supports HTTP/3 (QUIC).

KUSANAGIが次世代高速通信HTTP/3 (QUIC)に対応

Why we chose to support HTTP/3

As the data volume of communication over the Internet, including websites, applications, and videos, continues to grow, high-speed communication is necessary to achieve a stress-free user experience.HTTP/3 is the latest HTTP protocol for high-speed communication and uses a technology called QUIC developed by Google.

HTTP/3 was introduced by Facebook and YouTube, which require a large amount of communication. However, the environments in which it could be used were limited (*) because Nginx and Apache, which are used in many servers, were not yet supported.

*Some CDNs supporting HTTP/3 and environments using LiteSpeed as a web server, etc.

We have made progress with Nginx, the web server used by KUSANAGI, and have added support for HTTP/3 as a standard feature. Users can now easily build a web environment that supports HTTP/3.

This is one of the results of our roadmap for “even faster speeds”.

We expect to contribute to the spread of HTTP/3 and to expand the use of KUSANAGI.

HTTP/3 Performance and Benefits

When we use HTTP/3, we can expect faster communication, especially for high-traffic sites and resource-intensive websites and web services such as videos and images.

Google states on its Developers blog that with QUIC, search time is reduced by more than 2%, YouTube rebuffering time is reduced by more than 9%, and client throughput is increased by more than 3% on PC and 7% on mobile.
Chrome is deploying HTTP/3 and IETF QUIC

More Imformation

For more information, please visit the following URL.
KUSANAGI 9 update 9.3.0-1

We will continue to develop KUSANAGI so that users can use the fast CMS operating environment with confidence.

The Ultra-fast CMS platform “KUSANAGI”

KUSANAGI is a fast and secure virtual machine image developed and provided by Prime Strategy. KUSANAGI is available in 251 regions in 34 countries, on 28 major domestic and international platforms (as of December 2022), with a cumulative total of over 70,000 units in operation (as of February 2023).

KUSANAGI 9 can handle more than 25,000 concurrent requests per second (HTTP) in a typical cloud environment (*1) when using page caching, and more than 210 concurrent requests per second (both HTTP and HTTPS) when not using page caching. Compared to the standard LAMP environment (*2), the speedup is approximately 2,330 times faster when page cache is used, and approximately 20 times faster when page cache is not used.

Three editions are offered: the “Free Edition” for personal use, the paid “Business Edition” for business use, and the paid top-of-the-line “Premium Edition” for business use, which includes the WEXAL® Page Speed Technology® web acceleration engine.


*1 Microsoft Azure Standard D4as_v4instance (2.35Ghz AMD EPYC 7452 processor 4 vCPU, 16GiB), Premium SSD LRS, East Japan Region, KUSANAGI 9.1.0-1, PHP 7.4.27, Nginx 1.21.4, MariaDB 10.5.13, WordPress 5.8.2
*2: Microsoft Azure Standard D4as_v4 instance (2.35Ghz AMD EPYC 7452 processor 4 vCPU, 16GiB), Premium SSD LRS, East Japan Region, CentOS 7.9.2009, PHP 5.6.40, Apache 2.4.6, MariaDB 5.5.68, WordPress 5.8.2

About Prime Strategy

Prime Strategy, Co., Ltd. is a software developer providing web acceleration solutions. We have locations in Tokyo and New York.

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