KUSANAGI 9 Free Edition based on AlmaLinux OS 9 is now available

KUSANAGI 9 Free Edition based on AlmaLinux OS 9 is now available on Microsoft Azure and AWS. We will progressively expand it’s offering platform.

With KUSANAGI 9 Business Edition based on AlmaLinux OS 9 (avalibale since 29/12/2022) and KUSANAGI 9 Premium Edition based on AlmaLinux OS 9 (available since 24/2/2022), users can now use AlmaLinux OS 9 in all three editions (Free/Business/Premium).


KUSANAGI is currently based on the following operating systems.

KUSANAGI 9 CentOS Stream 8 / CentOS Stream 9
AlmaLinux OS 8 / AlmaLinux OS 9

We chose CentOS Stream as our next KUSANAGI 9 base OS after CentOS EOL. This is to respond quickly to technological advances. Then,we have added AlmaLinux OS as a base OS to meet the growing needs in the area of enterprise information systems.

For this reason, we have been developing AlmaLinux OS-based KUSANAGI 9 with a focus on the Business/Premium Edition for use in commercial environments.

We started offering a free edition of AlmaLinux OS in November 2023. With this release, users can now choose AlmaLinux OS 9 for all editions.

Utilize a Standardized, High-Speed Environment on Your Preferred Platform and OS

KUSANAGI does not differ in functionality depending on the base OS, nor does it differ in configuration or functionality between platforms. Users can choose their preferred platform and base OS for a standardized, high-speed environment. In addition, it can be used as a foundation for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions.

KUSANAGI 9 is available on 29 platforms, including the following leading platforms, Vagrant and VMware.

Microsoft Azure AWS GCP Oracle Cloud Alibaba Cloud
CentOS Stream 8 Free
CentOS Stream 9 Free
Business/Premium Business Business
AlmaLinux OS 8 Free
AlmaLinux OS 9 Free Coming soon
Available Platforms (KUSANAGI 9,As of December 29, 2023)

The Ultra-fast CMS platform “KUSANAGI”

KUSANAGI is a fast and secure virtual machine image developed and provided by Prime Strategy. KUSANAGI is available in 209 regions in 34 countries, on 31 major domestic and international platforms (as of May 2023), with a cumulative total of over 80,000 units in operation (as of Octocer 2023).
KUSANAGI 9 can handle more than 25,000 concurrent requests per second (HTTP) in a typical cloud environment (*1) when using page caching, and more than 210 concurrent requests per second (both HTTP and HTTPS) when not using page caching. Compared to the standard LAMP environment (*2), the speedup is approximately 2,330 times faster when page cache is used, and approximately 20 times faster when page cache is not used.

*1 Microsoft Azure Standard D4as_v4instance (2.35Ghz AMD EPYC 7452 processor 4 vCPU, 16GiB), Premium SSD LRS, East Japan Region, KUSANAGI 9.1.0-1, PHP 7.4.27, Nginx 1.21.4, MariaDB 10.5.13, WordPress 5.8.2
*2: Microsoft Azure Standard D4as_v4 instance (2.35Ghz AMD EPYC 7452 processor 4 vCPU, 16GiB), Premium SSD LRS, East Japan Region, CentOS 7.9.2009, PHP 5.6.40, Apache 2.4.6, MariaDB 5.5.68, WordPress 5.8.2

The three KUSANAGI Editions

You can choose from three different KUSANAGI editions, according to your intended application and scale.

The Free Edition is a personal use edition for those looking for an easy way to try out KUSANAGI. All of the KUSANAGI standard features are available.For business use, where security and stability are required, please use the Business Edition.
For media sites, e-commerce sites, and other sites where user experience directly affects revenue, use Premium Edition, which is equipped with “WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®” to accelerate all steps from server and application to browser rendering.

​​Feature Free Edition​​ Business Edition​​ Premium Edition​​
KUSANAGI Standard Features ✓​​​
Module updates from repositories up to CentOS Stream 8/AlmaLinux OS 8/CentOS Stream 9/AlmaLinux OS 9 EOL ✓​​​
Tested against the latest version of WordPress release series
KUSANAGI Analyze (analysis feature)
KUSANAGI Container (feature to run different PHP versions)
WEXAL® Page Speed Technology®

Supported KUSANAGI versions by based oprating systems

Supported KUSANAGI versions by based oprating systems.

Users can migrate KUSANAGI profiles with the migrate command.(Japanese only)
kusanagi migrateコマンドで行する(Japanese only)

If you have any questions or concerns,
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