“KUSANAGI 9.5” – Expands Middleware Options

The following changes are planned for KUSANAGI 9.5.0 and later, in addition to previous KUSANAGI releases, to allow a wider selection of middleware.

  • It will be possible to combine and operate multiple versions of middleware provided by KUSANAGI.
  • In addition to the middleware provided by KUSANAGI, it will also be possible to use middleware provided by the base OS or by third parties as-is.

Freedom of KUSANAGI

KUSANAGI is not only “fast” and “safer”, but also values “freedom” as a CMS operation environment, allowing users to freely combine OS, middleware, and CMS in an optimal environment.

KUSANAGI virtual machine stack

This change is intended to link with other systems and further improve operational convenience.

Changes in “KUSANAGI 9.5.0”

KUSANAGI 9.5.0″ will be able to install multiple versions of Nginx. Accordingly, the service name, pass of configuration files, etc. will change. For details, see “Changes in KUSANAGI 9.5.0“.

The release date of “KUSANAGI 9.5.0” is undecided at this time, but it will be available by early June.

Planned changes after “KUSANAGI 9.5.0

We plan to change the default Nginx version and the service names and configuration file paths for other middleware such as PHP.
More details will be provided in updates and documentation.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact us using our contact form.