KUSANAGI 9 Supports PostgreSQL Upgrade

KUSANAGI 9 now supports PostgreSQL 14 and upgrades.
Users will be able to easily upgrade PostgreSQL databases with just a single command.

About PostgreSQL

Users can use two types of databases with KUSANAGI, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. MariaDB is used in many CMS and web systems, such as WordPress, while PostgreSQL is used in CMS such as Drupal, which is also available with KUSANAGI.

About PostgreSQL Upgrade

Upgrading PostgreSQL requires many steps, but with KUSANAGI, upgrading can be done with a single command. In addition to significantly reducing the man-hours required for upgrading, the reduction in complex procedures is expected to prevent human error.

At this time, KUSANAGI9 supports upgrading from PostgreSQL 13 to PostgreSQL 14.

Support for PostgreSQL15,16

Support for PostgreSQL 15 and upgrades is currently under development.
Development of the latest version, PostgreSQL 16, will proceed as soon as the necessary packages are released.

We will continue to focus on developing products that improve user convenience.

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