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Over 50,000 KUSANAGI in Operation in Six Years


Over 50,000 KUSANAGI in Operation in Six Years

We are excited to announce that since the launch of KUSANAGI six years ago, this operating system known for cutting-edge speed and performance, has exceeded 50,000 installations. KUSANAGI is developed and supplied by Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (President Kengyu Nakamura, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

* Total number of measurable KUSANAGI installations in operation, on 27 available platforms.

1. Changes in the Total Number of KUSANAGI installations in Operation

It has been calculated that a total of 50,155 units are in operation, as of June 1st, 2021. The total number of installations in operation since the launch of KUSANAGI in 2015, as shown in following chart below.

Graph of the increase in KUSANAGI Usage

2. Recent Developments

In the last year, KUSANAGI has undergone a major update to version 9, in order to support CentOS 8 and the latest middleware. Internally, we have also carried out a complete refactoring using Python3.8.

KUSANAGI 9 is currently only available on Microsoft Azure, but from the next fiscal year onward we are preparing to expand support to each cloud platform and to the paid version of KUSANAGI (Premium Edition, Business Edition) for business use. The current version, KUSANAGI 8, will still be available.

As a recent initiative, we have begun a technical partnership with Xserver Inc. ( Until now, KUSANAGI has been available as a virtual machine image and docker image, but our aim is to provide a high-speed and secure environment to a wide variety of users, in particular those using a shared rental server. In the future, KUSANAGI’s high-speed technology will be introduced in phases into Xserver Inc. services.

technical partnership with Xserver Inc

3. Road Map

The Digital Transformation is accelerating in part due to the spread of remote work during the current COVID-19 situation and due to the AI revolution. In addition, issues related to lost opportunities due to heavy access and low web-browsing speed for web sites and web systems, increased operating costs, personnel shortages and how to improve operational efficiency continue to increase.

Since this trend is expected to remain for some time, we will continue to develop and offer KUSANAGI and develop products and services such as KUSANAGI STACK (*1) and KUSANAGI Cloud (*2), built on KUSANAGI.
(*1) An acceleration solution consisting of high-speed engine WEXAL® Page Speed Technology and Strategic AI, ONIMARU® / David.
(*2) Centralized management system of KUSANAGI, currently in operation.

In addition, by the end of this term, (1) KUSANAGI Cloud, an operation management system currently developed and operated in-house, will be available to the public as KUSANAGI Cloud Enterprise Version (tentative name). Based on this, we plan to open to the public (2) a management system for management-level employees who connect to multiple business clouds such as Microsoft 365 and who wish to accomplish information aggregation, analysis and visualization. And (3), remote control technology similar to Web RPA and business process automation with AI.

Road Map

The business management system for executives provides centralized management of important data. For accounting, labor, sales, projects, etc. that are generally managed by multiple business clouds, data that can be a key management indicator is integrated automatically and in real time on to one dashboard (called a “management dashboard”) while continuing to operate on each business cloud platform.

Management dashboard

We have already added remote control technology and an AI-based business process automation system to our recruitment process.
This AI-based automatic recruitment system acquires data for direct sourcing of candidates etc. using remote control technology. Through AI analysis, highly compatible candidates are selected and assigned a specific score. The AI manages an appropriate method of approach based on the score, which is then presented to a human employee.

Since the introduction of an AI-based automatic recruitment system and remote-control technology, candidates have been chosen with increased speed and accuracy and the man-hours for such work has been significantly reduced. At the same time, we have been able to source applications from candidates who are the perfect fit for our company. It also has had the unexpected secondary benefit of improving recruitment content and interview quality.

 Using AI to Source Candidates
Using AI to Source Candidates

We aim to accelerate the above product and service development to realize hyperautomation in every field of business. We will make further efforts to develop Enterprise Open Source Software ecosystems and use the power of technology in order to contribute to society

4. Other

KUSANAGI, the Ultra-fast CMS Execution Environment

KUSANAGI (, an operating system with cutting-edge speed and performance, runs CMS software (such as WordPress) securely and at high-speed. In comparison to a standard LAMP environment, KUSANAGI is thousands of times faster when using page caching and 10 to 15 times faster when not. (* All measured with WordPress at the maximum performance of 4vCPU)

In addition to reducing server costs by improving processing power, almost all business-essential security features are implemented as standard, designed for use by enterprise Web systems, such as at companies and universities.

Currently, KUSANAGI is available on 27 major platforms in Japan and overseas, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and IBM Cloud, and is available in 198 regions in 28 countries around the world.

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*Company and product titles mentioned in this press release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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