“KUSANAGI 9” Supports “Movable Type” as a Foundation for CMS Integration Environment

Prime Strategy announces that KUSANAGI, the ultra-fast CMS execution machine developed and provided by Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.(President: Kengyu Nakamura; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter “Prime Strategy”), now supports Movable Type, a CMS platform provided by Six Apart Ltd. (President: Hajime Koga; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter “Six Apart”).

Background of “Movable Type” support 

A certain number of customers considering Prime Strategy’s CMS platform integration services have expressed interest in integrating their CMS platforms with Movable Type. Prime Strategy has therefore made KUSANAGI compatible with Movable Type, a CMS provided by Six Apart.

”Movable Type” is one of the leading commercial licensed packaged CMS and is used by many companies and organizations.

One of the issues that we had to solve in order to unify the operation infrastructure for our most recent client who operates multiple CMS was to make “KUSANAGI” compatible with “Movable Type”.

Although there had been experience in operating “Movable Type” on “KUSANAGI” in the past, it was necessary to build the necessary environment each time.

KUSANAGI 9 now supports Movable Type, making it easy to build the environment, configure the initial settings, and install Movable Type.

At present, “KUSANAGI 9” supports “Movable Type 7” environment construction and provisioning.

How to use 

By selecting the option for “Movable Type” when provisioning “KUSANAGI,” you can provision the environment for using “Movable Type” and even install it by specifying the file name of the package installed on the server (*). After provisioning, please follow the normal procedure to install “Movable Type”.

Provisions for “Movable Type”
Install “Movable Type

For details, please see the document page on the official KUSANAGI website.


*A license is required to use “Movable Type”.


Message from Six Apart 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hajime Koga, Representative Director of Six Apart Ltd. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his kind words.

Six Apart Ltd. sincerely welcomes the Movable Type support of KUSANAGI, Prime Strategy’s CMS execution environment.

We are confident that customers who wish to use Movable Type on KUSANAGI will be able to build an environment more easily than before, which will lead to increased work efficiency for many web production sites.

Six Apart, together with Prime Strategy Co.,Ltd., will continue its efforts to provide more convenient options for Movable Type customers.

代表取締役 古賀 早 

We will continue to deepen our collaboration with our partners and strive to deliver a safe and high-speed environment to our users with KUSANAGI and other acceleration solutions.

About KUSANAGI 9, the ultra-fast CMS execution environment

KUSANAGI is a fast and secure CMS execution environment (OS) developed by Prime Strategy as a virtual machine image and provided free of charge under an open source license.
KUSANAGI 9 is based on CentOS Stream 8/AlmaLinux OS 8 and supports the latest middleware. By switching the middleware version, it is easier to build an environment of your choice, such as a combination of stable operation and the latest version.



■Abour “Movable Type 7” 

Movable Type is a CMS platform that supports the websites of over 50,000 companies and organizations nationwide. The product lineup ranges from low-cost commercial CMS products with sufficient functionality to large-scale enterprise-oriented products.

Purchase a license:
You can purchase Movable Type software version from the following page

■ CMS Platform Integration Services 

This service integrates an ever-increasing number of CMS operation platforms, including department, group, and service sites, and operates them quickly and securely under a common set of operation rules, using AI for automation to ensure smooth migration of dozens of sites. For more information, please see below.

■ Prime Strategy Co.,Ltd. 

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Inquiries about this matter 

Please contact Mr. Aihara, Public Relations, Prime Strategy Inc.

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