KUSANAGI 9 is now available on “Xserver VPS”.

The ultra-fast CMS execution environment “KUSANAGI 9” is now available on Xserver VPS, a new service of Xserver Corporation released on September 8, 2022.

Xserver VPS

Working with Xserver Inc.

Through the technical alliance with Xserver Inc. announced in May 2021, our “KUSANAGI” high-speed technology has been introduced to the company’s rental servers ” XServer “, ” Shin Server “, and ” wpX Speed “, a cloud-based rental server dedicated to WordPress. Our “KUSANAGI” high-speed technology has been introduced to “X Server”, “Shin Rental Server”, and “wpX Speed”, a cloud rental server for WordPress.

Technical tie-up with leading hosting company XServer, Inc.

About “Xserver VPS

Xserver VPS” is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) provided by Xserver and can be used for various purposes such as application development, building a server for Minecraft, and creating sites and blogs.

You can select “KUSANAGI 9” as the application.

For more information about the service, please visit the official “Xserver VPS” website.
「Xserver VPS」に関するプレスリリース:

How to use

Please refer to the ” KUSANAGI 9 for Xserver VPS” page on the official KUSANAGI website for details on how to use KUSANAGI 9 on “Xserver VPS”.


The ultra high-speed CMS execution environment “KUSANAGI 9” is a CentOS Stream 8/AlmaLinux OS 8 compatible version* of the high-speed and secure virtual machine image “KUSANAGI” developed and provided by our company. It supports the latest middleware versions, making it easier to build an environment of your choice, including a combination of stable operation and the latest versions.

The CentOS Stream 8 version is now available on “Xserver VPS”.

For more information on KUSANAGI 9, please visit the official KUSANAGI website (KUSANAGI 9).

We will continue to deepen cooperation with our partners and aim to realize the development of the enterprise OSS ecosystem to provide users with a secure and high-speed environment through acceleration solutions centered on “KUSANAGI”.

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