“KUSANAGI Container” for securely running different versions of PHP on a single server

KUSANAGI Container, a function that enables flexible operation by running applications running on different versions of PHP for each profile and easily switching between PHP versions without affecting applications in other profiles, is now available. It is available in KUSANAGI 9 Business / Premium Edition.

KUSANAGI’s concept is “flexible configuration and operation

KUSANAGI features high performance and security, but we also focus on providing flexible configuration and operation.

With KUSANAGI, users can easily configure initial server settings and applications with commands, as well as flexibly change middleware combinations.

Support for increasingly complex CMS environments

The environment surrounding CMS is becoming increasingly complex, requiring web operators to reduce infrastructure and operational costs while ensuring security and other factors.

We decided to develop “KUSANAGI Container” as one of the solutions to these issues.

Easily switch between PHP versions per profile using container technology

KUSANAGI Container is a new feature (command) of KUSANAGI that enables secure operation with different versions of PHP for each profile. It utilizes containerization technology.

In conventional KUSANAGI, each profile uses PHP common to the OS, so switching versions affects all profiles.

Users can use different versions of PHP for each profile using KUSANAGI Container.

Users will be able to combine applications (sites) running different PHP versions on a single server, or switch to different PHP versions for verification without affecting other profiles. This reduces operational costs and man-hours.

(Japanese only. English documentation in preparation)

Future Development Plans

We are planning to develop an authorization separation container that will allow authorization separation by profile.

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