KUSANAGI for ConoHa and KUSANAGI for Now Available


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World’s Fastest WordPress Execution Environment
KUSANAGI for ConoHa and KUSANAGI for Now Available
Plans for Development in Singapore and USA With GMO’s Overseas Data Centers

TOKYO – October 14th, 2015 – Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (hereby referred to as Prime Strategy) today announced the free version of KUSANAGI, the world’s fastest WordPress execution environment, now available for ConoHa and It is capable of an execution time of 3 milliseconds and 1000 requests per second without page caching.

ConoHa is GMO Internet Inc.’s high-efficiency fixed-price Japanese cloud, while is their new overseas brand. With data centers in three countries including Singapore and USA, is a cloud that offers development on a global scale. is one of the major cloud services on our way to an international presence.

With KUSANAGI for ConoHa and KUSANAGI for, GMO Internet users around the world can now use the world’s fastest WordPress execution environment KUSANAGI for free. Prime Strategy developed these versions of KUSANAGI with the support of GMO Internet Inc., and they will be offered on ConoHa and started October 14th, 2015 at 3pm.

Also, this release comes with HHVM 3.9.1. KUSANAGI users can now experience even more speed than with HHVM 3.8.

Comment from Kimihiro Kodama, Hosting Senior Executive Manager at GMO Internet Inc.

At GMO Internet, we are very glad that Prime Strategy’s Ultrafast WordPress Virtual Machine KUSANAGI is now supported for our public clouds ConoHa and WordPress is the most-used CMS in the world, and it is especially popular in Japan, where many of our cloud users employ it. On ConoHa and, you can install KUSANAGI as an application image, and with only a few clicks on the control panel, you will have a super fast WordPress environment. KUSANAGI offers overwhelming high performance, stability, flexibility and efficiency, and together with the high-performance infrastructure of ConoHa and, we believe it will be an indispensable and superior tool for all WordPress users.

KUSANAGI Private Cloud Framework

・WordPress 4.3
・CentOS 7
・Nginx 1.8
・HHVM 3.9.1
・MariaDB Galera Server 10.0
・Apache 2.4
・PHP 5.6
・php-fpm 5.6
・virtual machine specs: KVM 4vCPU 4GB memory 10GB SSD storage

For more information about KUSANAGI, please visit

About WordPress

It is a publishing platform that makes up a 58.7% share in CMS software, and comprises 24.5% of the world’s websites (as of May 2014, according to W3Techs). WordPress has many merits, including expandability, stability, high productivity, high usability, and achievementss on a global scale. In recent years, WordPress has also gained attention as an application platform, and is rapidly expanding as an alternative to traditional development methods (such as writing PHP from scratch or building a framework with PHP and Java).

About Prime Strategy Group

Prime Strategy Group is a WordPress consultant operating mainly in Asia. We strive to be the representatives of Asia, and every day we do business related to WordPress. Our main mission is to contribute to WordPress and its community throughout Asia, starting with Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia.

On the business front, we architect web systems for government bodies as well as corporations that represent both domestic and foreign industries. These include the Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA), the University of Tokyo, TV Asahi, Mynavi, Adobe Systems, JTB Asia Pacific, and Bank Negara Indonesia. We have also constructed many large-scale WordPress sites in Japan.

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