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KUSANAGI for S-Port Now Available


Suzuyo Shinwart Corporation
Prime Strategy Co., Ltd.

World’s Fastest WordPress Execution Environment
KUSANAGI for S-Port Now Available

TOKYO – December 17th, 2015 – Prime Strategy Co., Ltd. (hereby referred to as Prime Strategy) today announced the free version of KUSANAGI for S-Port, the world’s fastest WordPress execution environment KUSANAGI, available for Suzuyo Shinwart S-Port cloud service.

S-Port cloud service offers high-security and high-quality IaaS and SaaS and is being used by many large-scale websites. Now with KUSANAGI, an execution environment for the globally popular WordPress, available on S-Port, users can experience even better WordPress performance with the world’s fastest platform.

KUSANAGI Framework

・WordPress 4.4 (KUSANAGI dedicated plug-ins included)
・CentOS 7
・Nginx 1.8
・Apache 2.4
・HHVM 3.10
・PHP 7.0 (php-fpm, Cli)
・PHP 5.6 (php-fpm, Cli)
・MariaDB Galera Server 10.0
※In order to use PHP 7, you need WordPress version 4.4 or above

For more information about KUSANAGI, please visit:

About Prime Strategy Group

Prime Strategy Group is a WordPress consultant operating mainly in Asia. We strive to be the representatives of Asia, and every day we do business related to WordPress. Our main mission is to contribute to WordPress and its community throughout Asia, starting with Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia.

On the business front, we architect web systems for government bodies as well as corporations that represent both domestic and foreign industries. These include the Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA), the University of Tokyo, TV Asahi, Mynavi, Adobe Systems, JTB Asia Pacific, and Bank Negara Indonesia. We have also constructed many large-scale WordPress sites in Japan.

About Suzuyo Shinwart Corporation

Suzuyo Shinwart is Suzuyo Group’s only publicly traded company, and it develops large-scale information systems, business solutions for human resources, salary, and finance, and outsourcing, as well as data and cloud services.
Company Site:
S-Port Site:

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For inquiries related to this article, please contact Fukami or Yoshimasa, our public relations managers at Prime Strategy.
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