The worries about the website down decreased dramatically「PORTAL INFORMASI EVENT LOKALY」

PT.Acara Indonesia Global

Issues before service introduction

・ Late responding for outlook displacement ・ When the access busy it makes server down and it cause you cannot access ・ Server frequently down

Effect after service introduction

・ Faster outlook displacement in significant ・ KUSANAGI engineers were very helpful and easy to communicate about your problems and ・ what you need for your website

Testimonials of Rucky Markiano, CEO PT. Acara Indonesia Global

PT. Acara Indonesia Global
Rucky Markiano

We already have a Website Development engineer and a server engineer.As time went by, our portal visitors more increasing, and it makes decreased our portal performance, slow respond and frequently down. We communicated to our vendor public cloud, they suggested us to use Kusanagi from Prime Strategy Group as a Virtual Machine to solve the problems.
In the end, we contacted PT. Prime Strategy Indonesia. Unexpectedly , Prime Strategy not only expert in server as a KUSANAGI Developer, they also expert in the Website Development, especially in the WordPress CMS. Our portal improved various numbers variety in technical performance, it makes to believe us about ability of the engineers of PT. Prime Strategy Indonesia. They also gave us a lot of thought and ideas which beyond the our thought. We finally decided to use KUSANAGI by PT. Prime Strategy Indonesia to solve our problems.

Impression After KUSANAGI Implementation

After the implementation of KUSANAGI by Prime Strategy, we got a little surprised because the server speed changes are significantly improved. Honestly, we didn’t expect this drastic change before. The time crossed in our minds, why we took time to know late about KUSANAGI and Prime Strategy. Now, in our heavy website structure conditions, the access speed increased approximately 6 fold. Thank you, Prime Strategy.

Impression After Using GIO CLOUD

Before using the local public cloud, GIO CLOUD, we rented a server physically located in the United States. Considering that
the visitors of acara.co.id come from Indonesia, then we took the initiative to move our portal to GIO CLOUD. The professional services directly from GIO CLOUD, is very helpful for us to fix the weaknesses of our portal. Besides that, server stability in GIO CLOUD including at the forefront. The combination of the positive side, it will be hard to change in other server service companies. Moreover, GIO CLOUD event though not officially, already collaborate with Prime Strategy for using KUSANAGI.

The Change of acara.co.id After KUSANAGI Implementation

Before KUSANAGI implementation, the stability of our website was very low. Access loading was getting bigger making our website more and more down. After KUSANAGI implementation, website became faster than before. The worries about the website down when it has a lot visitors, it decreased dramatically. We will be more focused on handling contents.

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